• Duett Design Interior Design

Initial Design Consultation

We start EVERY project with an Initial Design Consultation (in-person or virtual).
Follow these Simple Steps to Start your project with us:

  1. Purchase this package
  2. Schedule your Consultation with us
  3. Gather a few Inspiration Images that help us to understand your goals
  4. Discuss the Level of "Investment" for this project with all parties involved
  5. Get ready and excited!

(You MUST have had a "Discovery Call" with us prior to a consultation.)
What to Expect from the Initial Consult:
Our goal is to give you as much design advise as possible and answer any questions you might have. We can either tour your home room by room giving you recommendation on how to improve the spaces (suggest a furniture layout/how to style the room/what colors to use and etc) or focus on specific areas of your home.

  • Up to one hour (60 mins) at your home (in-person or virtually) to discuss as many spaces as you'd like.
  • discuss expectations and create a plan for the area to be worked on
  • answer your questions (please prepare your questions upfront and share them with us if possible)
  • we will ask questions, take photos and notes
  • recommendations for specific service options depending on your goals and requirements
  • follow up email with meeting notes and recommendations

PLEASE prepare for the Initial Design Consultation to Maximize Results:

  • Prepare some "Inspiration Images" to review with us during your consultation to help define your design style and/or vision for the space.
  • Gather all parties involved in this design project (spouse/partner, roommate, family, children, etc.) and have a conversation about your level of investment for this project BEFORE we arrive. If you don't know 100%, that's okay. It's best to discuss how much time, energy and money you think you'd like to invest into this project so that we can determine which design service would be best for you.